Know your field
mFieldWork helps humanitarian and development organizations use evidence to deliver on their unique mission..
Is your data true?
Donors and auditors are more and more interested in how program results are calculated and evidenced.  mFieldWork can help you know where your systems are producing robust conclusions and where your reported results may not be supported by your data and systems. 
Remote Management and Hard to Reach
How do you monitor programs without regular and direct access to the populations you serve?  Is the evidence you have in these situations sufficient to take management decisions, ensure program quality and mitigate compliance concerns?  mFieldWork can help establish flexible, creative methods to ensure your programs in these tough settings are well evidenced.
Mobile Data Capture
Capturing program data digitally increases data quality, reduces costs, and facilitates insights and learning.  mFieldWork can help select and deploy solutions to ensure your teams succeed. 
What does GDPR mean to you?
mFieldWork can help you explore and address procedural and infrastructure gaps in your GDPR compliance.
mFieldWork designs and delivers evaluations to support learning and program improvement.
Who is mFieldWork?
mFieldWork was founded by Leith Baker.  Leith has 18 years of experience delivering evidenced based humanitarian and development programming in 17 countries.

mFieldwork associates and partners bring key experience, technical skills and surge capacity to ensure mFieldWork helps you deliver on your unique mandate.

Leith founded mFieldWork in Nairobi, Kenya in 2012 delivering an improved mobile data capture platform and monitoring and evaluation system design services.  After a break to work on the crisis in Syria, Leith relaunched mFieldWork in 2019 with a focus on evidence quality.
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