• User Management

    Granular level control of what your users can see and do.  Easily customize our user management system to reflect your organization in minutes.

  • Question and Field Types Supported

    Free text, integer, multiple select, single select, instructions, photo, video, audio, draw, signature, draw on a photo, date, time, calculation, and new question types added regularly.

  • Logic

    Navigation logic ensures that fieldworkers only see the questions you need them to see.  Use validation rules to eliminate errors by allowing responses only within an expected range.

  • Dashboards

    Real time high level and granular views into your programs, staff and data.

  • Mapping

    Visualize your data with our google maps integration

  • Analytics

    Automated frequency analysis for all data collection tools allows insights with one click.

  • Excel Export

    Export all data to excel for advanced processing with existing tools or databases